Mission Statement©


To Make my Buyers and Sellers Happy 


Protect  my clients from the
loss of time and money.



Respect my clients.



Help  my clients take advantage

of opportunities for enrichment.



Shield  my clients from aggravation.


Cultivate  repeat and referral clients. 


Copyright October 2005


Extraordinary   Multi-Media Marketingtm

Marketing, Acquisitions and Dispositions


  • Collaboration to Closing Management™
  • Rapid Response Promise™
  • Clientology Communication Commitment™
  • Performance Guarantee™
  • Multi Media Marketing™
  • Sale Assurance Blue Print™
  • 111 Point Marketing Blue Print™
  • Broker Price Opinions
  • Video Tours
  • Interior Design Staging
  • Broker Network Events
  • Targeted Demographic and Geographic Direct Mail
  • Open Houses
  • Relocation Assistance and Easy Exit Guarantee™
  • Smart Seller Program™
  • Domestic and International Internet Marketing


Resort & Second-Home Property Specialist